Elderly college

SunnyDay Adult Day Health Care¡¯s

Subsidiary SunnyDay Elderly Community College

Emeritus professor,President,Founder,and Adviser of Chang Gung
Main Mission: Main Mission: realize SunnyDay¡¯s spirit of ¡°Hope, Heath, Vitality¡±, foster SunnyDay¡¯s mission of ¡°Longevity, lifelong learning, and live a good life¡±. This will increase elders¡¯ knowledge, elevate elders¡¯ living condition, and foster elders¡¯ interests, as well as expanding elders¡¯ horizon.

Specialty: lifelong learning, multitudes of courses, multitudes of learning styles, flexible schedules.

Current Faculty: (All are volunteers)

Founder of SunnyDay Elderly Community College: Daly Chin
Principle: Jeffrey Tung
Secretary: Allan Liu
Dean: Mandy Liu
Coordinator: Henry Ho
Accountant: Emily Luu
Consultant: Wanny Chang
Consultant: Chang Nai Bing
Consultants: Chang Man Jun, Peng Xie Yu, He Nian Dan, Dr. Du Ying Chi
Consultants: Dr. Deng Jia Yi, Wang Jian Xing, Chen Hui Ping, Dr. Yu Cheng Ming, Dr. Jian Liu Lang
Sponsors: True-Love Family Organization, Alhambra Hospital


Planner for SunnyDay Elderly Community College

1. Organizational Chart for SunnyDay Elderly Community College
2. Credits Requirements

2 Year College

•  Using the credit system, 2 year college¡¯s each year has 2 semesters, each semester is 6 months long, and the highest
   credit each student can earn is 8 credits, the lowest is 2; each class is counted as 2 credits. Each student can choose
    from the    various social organizations as courses, and each course is 2 credits.

•  The term is 2 years long.

•  Students completing 32 credits will earn the bachelors¡¯ degree and will receive a diploma.

•  Students have to attend 11 classes of each course during a semester, in order to receive credits. (Each class is about 40 -50     minutes in length)

2 Year Master¡¯s Courses

•  Using the credit system, each year is divided into 2 semesters. Each semester is 6 months long. Each student can earn to 8    credits per semester, and 2 credits minimal. Each course is 2 credits per semester. Social organization courses are 2 credits    each.

•  The maximum length of the Master¡¯s degree is 2 years.

•  Completing 32 credits will earn students the Master¡¯s diploma.

•  Each student has to attend at least 11 classes of the same course, in order to receive the diploma (each class lasts about
   40-50 minutes).

5 Year Ph.D. Courses

•  Using the credit system, each PhD course year is divided into 2 semesters. Each semester is 6 months long. Each student    can earn up to 8 credits per semester, and a minimum of 2 credits. Each course per semester is 2 credits.

•  PhD degree is limited to 5 years maximum length.

•  Completing 80 credits will earn a student the PhD diploma.

•  Each student has to attend at least 11 classes per course during each semester (each class is about 40-50 minutes long), in    order to earn the degree.

•  Note: all SunnyDay participants will pay no tuitions.

3. Courses description: (below are examples, for detailed information, consult course booklet)

•  Healthcare courses: medical presentations, therapies, psychiatric consultation, elderly relationship.

•  Activities: arts & crafts, calligraphy, Chinese songs, dancing, gardening, Chinese opera.

•  New society information: legal information, social benefits.

•  Basic English, speaking English, citizenship.

•  Social clubs: philosophy, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Old Japanese Singing Group, chess club, bible study, Ma-Jhong,     computer.


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